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High Tech.2.0 provides strategy consulting, quality management, program integration, value management, program coordination, and process re-engineering and optimization. We provide professional project management services to a number of clients Our highly skilled Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Managers and certified SCRUM masters help ensure that projects finish on time and within budget.

Do your projects lack a clear objective?

For projects to succeed, it is vital to have a clear objective which you can work toward from the very beginning. Having a goal helps keep the project team focused and motivated. A project manager creates a comprehensive project plan and decides on the steps needed to achieve the project goal.

Are you constantly experiencing the “scope creep”?

Do your projects keep missing deadlines?

A result of not having a clear objective is that the project plan keeps changing, because the team doesn’t really know what they have to do, which causes an inefficient working environment. The reason why scope creeps are so dangerous is that even small changes can quickly add up and cause additional costs and delays.

Time management skills are one of the key aspects of project management. Not managing time efficiently can cause costly delays and missed deadlines, which can lead not to not just financial setbacks, but also dissatisfaction and distrust by your users or customers.

Are your projects constantly over budget?

Does your team communicate ineffectively??

Scope creeps and missed deadlines usually have a negative influence on your budget because they cause excess costs. A project manager makes sure that the three vital aspects of a project — cost, time, and scope — are always in balance.

If there are constant misunderstandings and conflicts in your team, it’s because they are not communicating effectively. The root of this problem is lacking a qualified project leader who deals with team conflicts, coordinates, and communicates the most important project information and requirements to everybody on the team.

IT Projects

Some clients have a specific IT project and call us in to provide expertise and service to accomplish their business goal. They may have a strong internal IT staff—but need to implement a project that requires expertise outside the internal team’s experience or capacities. Other clients want to have us on call to help with unexpected situations, or to perform occasional maintenance tasks. Some examples of these tasks include network or server upgrades and workstation refreshes.

Project Management Service Includes

  • Project definition, scope, and documentation
  • Project planning, scheduling and timelines development
  • Project execution, monitoring and tracking, EVM, and burn-charts


  • Team building and resources alignment
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Resource planning and scheduling
  • Operation management & sustainment support


  • Reporting and briefing
  • Contract transitioning
  • Statement of Work (SOW) development
  • Project costing (Hardware, software, soft skills, shared resources, etc.)


  • Project & program continuity
  • CMMI, ISO, ITIL & Lean process adoption
  • Agile & SCRUM adoption
  • DevOps adoption and optimization


There’s no risk—so what are you waiting for?

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We’re a dedicated team of technology experts covering nearly every aspect of IT, serving clients across multiple industry verticals. Our advice and service is always strategically focused on furthering your business goals.